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Download the Stock Insights app and start building your wealth by receiving daily the best hand-picked investment ideas and stock market insights. Collected from multiple sources and carefully curated by the in-house experts, the ideas are presented in one list, easy to understand for novices, and conveniently time-saving for the professionals.
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What for you?

Venturing a mobile app with investing advice, stock research, and analysis, the Stock Insights is excellent for individuals who don't have plenty of time to analyze companies and don't wantto pay an agent to do it for them.

You may feel overwhelmed with heavy and complicated stock screener platforms. Having a simple to use yet powerful curating app to start your investment journey or find the perfect stock foryour investment strategy - Stock Insights is your ultimate number one choice.

What are the benefits?

We tell you why you need to choose us.
every day
.01 Multiple Sources
We collect the stock market data from multiple trusted sources, analyze the statistics, and manually curate the best stock investing ideas for your convenience.
.02 Mobile Notifications
Promptly receive mobile notifications on new investment ideas and never miss another entry or exit. Keep your finger on the pulse with critical market updates 24/7.
.03 Price & Horizon Forecasting
Our experts perform a deep market analysis and deliver the target stock price, and forecast estimated deadlines in a clear and straightforward form.
.04 Sophisticated Filtering
Stock Insights features many filtering options on the collected investment ideas. These filters allow users to narrow their searches according to specific parameters.
.05 Stocks & Crypto
Discover fresh stock ideas and get to know companies and blockchain crypto projects with remarkable fundamental qualities and promising potential in which to invest.
Closing ideas
.06 Author notes
Click open the idea and learn more about why the source believes it will be a secure and profitable investment.

Take Control of Your Financial Future Today

Stock Insights app delivers every day straight to your smartphone top-performing stock picks collected from many market screening and financial advisory services. You are fortunate to be one of the first to use this one-of-a-kind and unique application.

Our team carefully selects only trusted expert sources of the investment ideas, time-proven for their accuracy and level of financial expertise. Below are some of these invaluable sources:
Partner - Nasdaq
Partner - Zacks
Partner - Renessance Capital
Partner - Motley Fool
Partner - USNews
Wallet Investor Partner
Partner - CryptoNewsZ
Partner - TheStreet
TradingView partner
Partner = WallstreetZen
Partner - Cointelegraph

What Our Customers Say

Your satisfaction matters themost to us. We won't rest until you are happy.
Stock Insights is a genuinely unique appwith enormous potential. It helped me a lot in building my first portfolio with its superb investing ideas and accurate forecasting.
Earl Carpenter
Retail Investor
Investing in stocks is always too overwhelming for newbies who often need expert help. However, it is even more challenging to estimate the reliability of such information, most of which ishidden. That is why Stock Insights is a very convenient application.
Percy Nash
Super easy to use! Stock Insights makes seeking the best stocks to invest in easy for novice investors. For advanced investors, it's a great starting point since you can further tailor the filters to meet your own needs. It is a brilliant idea to gather data from multiple sources and curate it into a stream of top investment picks.
Rebecca Myers
Most people are hesitant to startinvesting in the stock markets because the sheer amount of data stutters them.Stock Insights is an excellent app for new investors to begin their journey.Pro investors can filter stocks according to their sector of choice and furtherto fundamental or technical criteria. It turned out to be pretty handy evenwithout a subscription plan.
Kang Lingxin
Market Analyst
Stock Insights is a descent stockinvestment ideas app for people who want to dip their toes into investingwithout paying brokers or studying the stock market. You can monitor and trackfresh investing ideas and insider stock trades. I find this app absolutelyworth downloading and trying (it's free, by the way).
Perry Johnson
Retail Investor
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